What to Do?

yesterday was my first day off from both of my jobs in about a month.  i fully exercised my right to sleep way in (which now is until about 10 am, at which time patsy the cat has HAD IT with me and all of my sleeping and she licks me awake so i can come downstairs and watch her sleep the rest of the day), but then waffled a bit as to how to spend my day.  lay on the couch and be entirely vegetative?  wander around the mall or a museum?  work out extra without the rev? 


what i ended up doing, though, was something i always end up doing – being productive.  days off are a double-edged sword for me, because all they really are anymore is time for me to catch up on other, non-paid forms of labor, ie cleaning my house and buying groceries.  so that is what i did for the bulk of my day…or at least til the rev called for me to meet him on beale street for pictures with olga.  then we spent the afternoon together, which was a total day-off-only rare pleasure, running around in the freezing cold of memphis (so a relatively balmy 32 degrees) and stopping for starbucks at peabody place. 


i ended up having a great day off and getting the best of both worlds.  i’ve discovered that should i really and truly take a whole day to myself, a day to soak in a hot tub and read a good book and go get my nails done and take myself to the museum, all i would end up with is extra stress because nothing got done at home.  and believe me, i’m OCD about all of that stuff – ask my college friends, who i’m pretty sure never saw an unmade bed in my dorm room.  so i guess the best i can do is what i did, and split the day.  ultimately i felt satisfied at the house’s cleanliness factor, our clean clothes laundered and folded, and time well spent with the rev and a bra.


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