Reveal a Secret Thurfriday XXIII, Every Little Boy’s Dream

the rev has embarked on a journey this month, and will have made a great deal of progress towards his end goal by may.  he has decided to take on a new career path: firefighting.  by may he will be a certified EMT-IV (meaning he can put IVs into people), after spending january – may in class every saturday & sunday from 9-5:30 both days, on top of working a 40-hour work week.  once you’re an EMT you can usually get hired on at fire stations and be trained as a paramedic, or he may go the paramedic route first and get hired as a firefighter later but for a higher starting salary.  with me at work at two jobs 55-60 hours a week and the rev at work and in class for about the same amount, our times together are going to be less these next few months than what we’ve been used to, but the end goal is key: we will have him in the big yellow suit, out there saving lives!  maybe i’ll sew a little rev collar into his firefighting suit, just so you’ll know it’s him coming to help you.  hopefully he’ll end up posing for one of those calendars, you know the kind:



4 thoughts on “Reveal a Secret Thurfriday XXIII, Every Little Boy’s Dream

  1. The Rev. says:

    That actually is me, oddly enough…

  2. Wooo-Hoooo! Keep me abreast of his progress, OK? 🙂

  3. Michelle says:


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