An Itch You Can’t Scratch

yesterday was just not my day.  it started well and normally, with me getting up early to shower, make lunch, and bring the rev his coffee so we could hang out in bed and wake up with some saved by the bell.  i went and got a chai and muffin at starbucks, and then proceeded to be sick to my stomach for the entire morning.  and on one of my trips to the bathroom i all of a sudden started getting a sharp, stabbing pain shooting from the small of my back down my leg – i must have pinched a nerve somehow, and it made walking not only painful but rather gimpy.


i soldiered on, only to really start getting irritated with my ears.  they itched, hurt and ached from the outer ear to what felt like the back of my throat.  i wanted to bend a coat hanger and just gouge my ear canals out – still do, in fact.  i dealt with it til the end of the work day.  then i took myself to a walgreens walk-in clinic.  after much rigamarole and data input into their computer/doctor, we finally got around to looking in my ears.  this earned me an, “oohh.  hmmm.  yep.  yeah, that’s not good.”  my left is worse than the right but both are nicely infected.  luckily i got a prescription for amoxicillin, which is free at our local schnucks because of their new program of free basic antibiotics, so i was all ready to roll out of there when she suggested an ear flush.  i said sure, why not, it’d probably feel good.  five minutes later when she sent that little tube into my ear i almost elbowed her across the room out of sheer reflex, it hurt that badly.  it was deafening, made me dizzy from the effect on my eardrums, and kept poking something very tender in each ear (my eardrum itself?  hopefully not.).  so now i’m still in miserable annoyance over my sore ear canals, but at least they’re a little cleaner – hopefully the amoxicillin kicks in nice and quickly, or i’ll have to have all metal hangers removed from my immediate surrounds.


2 thoughts on “An Itch You Can’t Scratch

  1. Michelle says:

    Wow, I hope you feel better!!! That sounds painful!

  2. mp3-legende says:

    oops, hoping you will get better!

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