Keep it Pumpin

on those rare afternoons and evenings when i am not working, i have really attempted to make an effort to drag myself to the gym.  i’ve started liking the elliptical for some reason.  i do the “HILL CLIMB” program – minus the “PEDAL BACKWARDS” command – that shit is too hard for me.  but i do a full hour, which is usually just under 6 miles for me (i’m slow), and then i go find a corner of the gym to do some quick yoga for ten minutes or so to bring my heart rate down and stretch out my shoulders and back after all the running.

during all of this i’ve discovered that there is pretty much nothing more important to the process for me than having the just right songs on my ipod.  i have an old school (i believe 1st generation) ipod shuffle, about the size of a pack of doublemint and made of white plastic.  i actually really love it…it has held up through being literally thrown around, jammed in bags, tucked in waistbands, everything i can throw at it, and it trucks along with zero problems and excellent stamina (i can usually bring it on a trip and listen to it for a solid 10 hours before i come close to losing the battery).  and i like having the surprise of not knowing what’s coming up next, because, since i chose all of the songs, it’s like the best, commercial-free radio station EVER.

anyway, the whole choosing the right songs thing: they have to be upbeat, and often even have encouraging lyrics.  here are a few of my favorite workout songs right now, please share yours with me so i can add to my repetoire:

–  “you’re a champion” by the 2 skinnee j’s

–  “bucky done gun” by M.I.A.

–  “love me or hate me” by lady sovereign

–  “womanizer” by britney spears

–  “come on eileen” by dexy’s midnight runners

–  “shake it like a saltshaker” by the yin yang twins


One thought on “Keep it Pumpin

  1. The Rev. says:

    Anything by New Kids on the Block does it for me!

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