– why did every single interlude/film melange/performance seem to stretch about twenty years too long at the oscars last night?  and i only watched like a third of the show.  p.s. that baz luhrmann number was a little bleh.

– i wish uggs were considered “business casual” attire – not for their oh-so-chic fashion statement, but for their snuggly warmth.

– i am ready for a vacation.

– i stood only six feet from a passing train today, and it was an experience that taught me: do not stand so close to trains.  they are scary, huge, and move much more quickly than previously realized.

– i wish i had the time to start up a non-profit bringing functional vegetable/herb gardens to south memphis.  i love gardening.  but i have no time.

– why are my upper arms sore?  could it really be from carrying multiple be-hangered garments at work yesterday?  if so: i am a serious wuss.

– who let the air out of my tire while i was at work on saturday?  i need a video security system on my car.  then when i catch them i can let the air out of THEIR FACE.

– my boss and i are both mystified as to how the postal service machinery/army of workers identify that each item has accurate postage…is it by visual scanning technology?  actual human beings?  a total enigma.


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