Reveal a Secret Thursday XXV, Keepin’ the Faith

we all have different soundtracks to our youth.  mine is dominated by the grunge music of the mid-90s; i took a silverchair album (frogstomp, of course) to a sixth grade party at school.  then came gangster rap and my horrible baggy jeans and long scraggly hair, thinking i was cool singing along to “gin & juice.”  apparently the rev’s soundtrack is a little mellower and completely overrun by one specific singer: mr. billy joel.  


according to the rev, he was raised on every song of billy’s, from the worst of the worst to the most popular.  he now knows every lyric thanks in no small part to his mom – she quizzed him on all of the billy joel songs to make sure he knew his stuff.  every so often, now, the rev gets a billy joel craving, and i was subjected to one such instance a couple days ago.  a 6 minute instance.  of the rev belting out the following song at the top of his lungs, complete with cheesy dance moves.  tell me what you think, but i’m of the opinion that the song is rather appropriate and perhaps should become his blog’s theme song…despite arduous searching i could NOT find a copy of this video that would let itself be embedded, so just click this link instead (please!).


4 thoughts on “Reveal a Secret Thursday XXV, Keepin’ the Faith

  1. The Rev. says:

    Ahhhhh, thank you! This has made the working day much, much better over here!

    [Putting video on repeat for rest of morning]

  2. The Rev. says:

    (Video won’t play)


  3. coltempo says:

    fixed the only way i could.

  4. Sarah (Mrs. CT Sr.) says:

    Well, if he likes Billy Joel so much, perhaps Pete has some redeeming qualities after all!!! And apparently you have something in common, as you were also raised on Billy Joel…

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