Misplaced Excitement


in the south, i don’t get the opportunity much to see any of the bumper stickers and decals i got so used to in massachusetts.  in fact, ever since college, if i see any bumper sticker related to any college in the greater boston area (which even includes the five college consortium way out in northampton/holyoke), i get a little thrill.  these are my people!


so you can imagine my confusion when, driving the streets of memphis, i began seeing that W on the left up there with some serious regularity.  i had made contact with the wellesley club here, and i knew that there just weren’t that many of us around these parts.  as you can see, the font of the W on the left is eerily similar to that used by my hallowed institution, shown on the right.  now that i’m looking i guess the wellesley one is missing those little feet on the bottom of the W.  either way, mighty similar.  finally, finally, i was driving down park toward home one night when i saw big banners for the Woodland Presbyterian School, incorporating that W on the left up there.  and, problem solved.  apparently there are wayyy more woodland school alums around here than wellesley, not-so-shockingly. 


riddle me this, then: i still get a thrill every time i see one of those Ws, til i correct my brain and remind it that it’s not a wellesley W.  i guess it’s because, besides these faux-wellesley decals, i have yet to see a single non-southern decal during my seven months here.  did no one here leave the tri-state?  no one?



3 thoughts on “Misplaced Excitement

  1. Bee Repartee says:

    Haha, when I first was that “W” I thought that was for University of Washington.

  2. The Rev. says:

    We can’t leave – this entire area acts as a huge black hole.

    Escape is….impossible.

  3. Katherine says:

    I don’t really see that many around here either. Lots of UCLA of course!

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