Reveal a Secret Thursday XXVII, Something’s Phishy

for a significant portion of his teenage-hood, the rev followed one band religiously – and when i say followed, i mean literally drove around following them from show to show: Phish.  i still remember, way back when, at the summer camp where we met, his breaking out his portable cd player as we walked to lunch at mrs. e’s to insist i “at least give them a try…just listen…i bet you’ll like it!”  so i did, and i didn’t.  too much jam session for this girl.  but it was his thing, and he’s seen them countless times, knows their whole catalogue, and cemented many a friendship traveling to and watching their shows.

well, phish broke up.  and sadness abounded.  but now they’ve regrouped, and are on “a massive tour” that has elicited such excitement from the rev and his phriends that it makes me laugh.  they’re all calling each other to talk about the first show back, the set list, the critiques, and to hate on the haters.  i know i would be doing the same should my favorite live act, 2 skinnee j’s, ever go back out on tour.  and this summer phish is headlining bonnaroo, this massive outdoor 3-day festival where (from all accounts) you go get dirty, high, and hot and have the time of your life.  and my bet is that the rev will be there this year with everyone (minus me, that is all rev man-bonding time), getting dirty and hot (not high, at least i don’t think) and loving being back with the phishes.


One thought on “Reveal a Secret Thursday XXVII, Something’s Phishy

  1. The Rev. says:


    Getting my camping gear together as we speak! ; )

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