Best Laid Plans

well, you know what they say about best laid plans.  practically immediately after i wrote the last post the rev drove himself to a doctor to be diagnosed with some strained/pulled/torn back muscles and prescribed with some painkillers.  he was in such pain we decided to call off the bed and breakfast portion of our trip and just make a short visit to see our friend in oxford.  we did go see rowan oak, which was gorgeous, and have breakfast at our favorite place in oxford, big bad breakfast.  we ended up driving back up to memphis with our friend, gray, and his puppy with us.  i kept up with giving myself the weekend off work and instead spent money shopping and eating well.  sunday we picked up the rev’s little brother at the airport and did the gym, family dinner, and wii bowling – which is apparently my god-given talent and one which i need to pursue for some extra cash, somehow.

and so now i’m back at work, and trying to figure out a solution to this connundrum: i am set to work a double today (13 hours straight).  i have been having a severe, painful, and even scary bout with acid reflux for the past week, and have dutifully sworn off caffeine as a bad bad thing for acid reflux.  i am asleep on the inside and halfway there on the outside.  i cannot have caffeine in any form, for it harasses my already much beset-upon stomach.  how am i to make it through the day?  and i’m not just tired – any of you who have even had a small daily amount of caffeine and then attempted to go cold turkey know of the withdrawal – achiness, exhaustion, upset stomach, headaches, i’ve got it all.  i’ve done this before, it sucks, and i’ll live.  but right now all i want is to be holed up in bed with patsy purring next to me for about….15 hours.

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