Reveal a Secret Thurfriday XXVIII, In Memoriam

the rev’s beard has been a much a part of this relationship as our love for each other – a total constant.  wayyy back when, when it all began, the rev’s beard was at lower levels:

n2102204_30926494_3377(since this photo was taken a few things have gone missing: the sunglasses, which finally bit the dust; that polo – i have no clue where it is; and his dignity.)  just a bit of scruff, here.  to my surprise and his, i encouraged him to go longer.  i liked the look, i liked how it felt, i liked how into it he was (always and forever proclaiming, “look at those lines!  shahhhhp!”)

so we got up to about this level, here shown at new year’s 2009:

n2102204_31714136_5217i love this look.  super hot.  unfortunately/fortunately, the rev has a Very Big Deal going on tomorrow (it involves a fire station, a physical agility test, and the potential for awesomeness), and to show his seriousness and his commitment to all that the Very Big Deal entails, he has done this:

0327091022as you may be able to tell by the intensity of that glare, he’s none too pleased about losing the beard.  neither am i, to be honest, but i do think a beardless rev has several plusses: it makes his bluuuuuue eyes stand out, which i adore, and shows off his lips, which i also happen to adore.  also, now i can kiss those lips without aerating my face.  it’ll take some getting used to – this morning i woke up and the first thing i said to him was, “your face is NUDE!”  now, let’s hope it was worth it and that it kind of has to stay around, because it would mean many a good thing.


One thought on “Reveal a Secret Thurfriday XXVIII, In Memoriam

  1. The Rev. says:

    Hey now – lookin’ good!

    Wait…..who is that guy?

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