Non-Wordless Wednesday: Things I Like

since i haven’t posted since last week, i figured it’d be unfair just to throw up a cell phone picture of my belt or something.  instead, i wanted to share some things with you that i am liking right now, and that you may like as well:

brandon bird, and his hilarious paintings and drawings…and even prints for sale!  my former co-worker shared him with me, and now i’m strongly considering getting a print of either “brave cone dog” or “norton by bird.”

this little blue jersey dress from my place of secondary employment…too cute for summer, fresh color, and easy-to-wear – what more could you want?  oh right, and it’s only $39.99.

this forecast, for our place-of-vacation this next easter weekend:

forecastok you probably don’t like that one as much as i do.  but that right there is my ideal stretch of weather – hot but not painfully so, clear skies, and warm nights.  we’ll see, but i might not come back.

and finally the most perfect food to ever exist, full of smooth fattiness, cool flavor, perfect with salt & pepper and a spoon for scooping, best with salt, pepper, AND a squish of lime…

seriously, i could eat avocados every day.  they are also cute, and make great trees (the rev’s project at home), AND are super nutritious.  if you’re not sure if you like them, make this salad: avocado.  arugula.  tomato.  kosher salt.  cracked black pepper.  squeeze a lime wedge over the above.  all of that = heaven.  hopefully i can pilfer some from below the border next weekend and sneak them in – other people are excited for duty-free shopping, i’m excited for fresh and local avocados.


One thought on “Non-Wordless Wednesday: Things I Like

  1. Katherine says:

    Fresh and local avocados are one of the main reasons to live in California! I agree with you about their deliciousness.

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