Feliz Easter!


first of all, happy belated easter!  my nephew will apparently tolerate anything placed on his head…all with a goofy smile.

second of all, we made it back from mexico!  the resort we stayed in, esperanza, is, in one word, unreal.  the entire time we were there i felt like i was walking in a postcard.  or a theme park.  every square inch of the place is manicured, landscaped, cushioned, and all with a soft pacific breeze and plenty of palm tree shade.  any whim we had was granted by the most pleasant staff imaginable.  i found a new drink i absolutely love, called a choyero, thanks to them – it’s cucumber, mint, and lowfat yogurt, and i believe would be perfect with any curry or hot day.

unfortunately, the rev and i did experience minor levels of “montezuma’s revenge,” both of us becoming rather queasy on our last night there.  but then, that’s what room service is for, right?  because of said queasiness, our time actually in town was short, and souvenirs bought were few.  for the best, i suppose, though i was hoping to score some good silver jewelry.  

i’ve got pictures up on facebook if you’re my friend over there, but if not, stay tuned…i’ll get some going tomorrow.


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