Reveal a Secret Thursday XXIX, Luke Wins!

a short but important reveal a secret this week: the rev’s tiny nephew, luke, has kicked cancer’s a** at the age of not-even-but-almost three years!  we’ve been following luke’s journey over the phone, with a couple visits (i haven’t been able to meet him yet, but i will!), and on luke’s mom’s blog, andersonmania.  it’s not been easy, but luke is lucky and strong and he’s made it.  his little brother and soon-to-be youngest sibling are going to be so proud when they hear what he did!

go luke!



3 thoughts on “Reveal a Secret Thursday XXIX, Luke Wins!

  1. The Rev. says:

    Damn right, son!

    Cancer ain’t got nothing on us Andersons!


  2. Michelle says:

    please tell me Pete and Luke’s dad are brothers??!! They look almost identical! I thought it was Pete in those pics for a little bit before I realized I was sooo wrong!

  3. coltempo says:

    they are brothers, luke’s dad (Ben) is the oldest, then pete! they all look incredibly alike, it’s frightening!

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