RE: How I Almost Died This Weekend

this weekend was a rare and beautiful thing: two full days off of work, right in a row and everything.  so saturday i took advantage and went to the memphis botanical garden plant sale.  i had never been, and it was amazing – every kind of plant and tree for sale, shopping carts provided, all outdoors.  i picked up a small flowering plant for our front hanging basket, and a surprise for the rev: his very own tomato plant!  very excited about the prospects of that later on this summer.

later that same afternoon, the rev got back from class and proposed walking to the nearby lichterman park, for their plant sale.  i agreed, and off we went.  their plant sale was a little less overwhelming, so we decided to walk the nature trails for a bit to enjoy the day.  we walked across their pond on the bridge, stopping to admire the fish and turtles that gathered below us in anticipation of bread crumbs.  continuing on, we spotted a nesting goose near the trailway, watched over and intensely guarded by another goose.  we were hissed at, but walked on by unassailed.  that did not continue to be the case.  there were at least five geese nesting within the next 50 steps, and each one had a bodyguard.  pete thinks it’s hilarious, but i was terrified of those stupid things, especially after i watched one hiss and FLY at a seven-year-old child who happened to walk by on the trail.  the same one who did that almost did the same to us, if not for my trusty umbrella-wielding defense skills.  it looked something like this:

not an experience i would like to relive, though the day continued on just fine.  lichterman: you should put up blockades during nesting season…totally unsafe.  we don’t want to watch more dads defend their kids by swinging a stroller at an attacking goose.


One thought on “RE: How I Almost Died This Weekend

  1. Katherine says:

    I have encountered a mad goose or two in my time as well and I tell you, they are nothing to mess with!

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