House Hunting

as the end of our lease draws nigh, the rev and i are attempting to find a better deal in a better neighborhood.  apparently such a thing does not exist in memphis.  our current apartment/townhome complex has been beset by break-ins, vandalism, and car window breakage (experienced by the rev himself).  granted, the management has finally taken the step of installing a guard at the entrance who checks either a. for your parking pass or b. your driver’s license and your intentions.  this is all well and good, but there should be half as intense a screening process for the people they allow to live there in the first place…just saying.

so we are strongly considering moving up and out, come july, though the temptation of just holding tight to our house is pretty seductive.  we have it set up all cozily, and we have nearly 1300 sq. ft., a lot of space.  i’ve been spending sections of my days looking through craigslist, through, through whatever i can find.  we want, ideally, a stand-alone home in a good area with quiet neighbors.  we don’t necessarily need the two full bedrooms we have (though i personally like having that much space), and we would love to have this insulation stuff we’ve heard tell of.  but the more i look, the more i can find in, say, orange mound and the less in, say, germantown that we can afford.  we want to pay less than we are now if possible, but we want decent quality and neighborhood, and this is apparently asking wayyy too much.  

basically what i’m saying is, if you’re uber wealthy, live in germantown or collierville, and have a huge guest house you’d love to rent to a quiet and clean couple with an elderly tail-less cat for like nothing a month, CALL ME!


4 thoughts on “House Hunting

  1. Leslie says:

    interested in a 1050 sq ft 2-1 townhouse right up the street from you? gated and safe! amazing how much of a difference 100 yards can make!

  2. coltempo says:

    haha i know, right? are you guys going to be renting out your place rather than selling?

  3. Martha says:

    Have you looked in Colonial Acres? It’s a pretty good location and there are some 1300 sq/ft homes around there. Just a thought!

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