i’m a big believer in all things karma, all things fate, all things meant-to-be.  so today while zipping home for my half-hour ohcraphurryeat lunch, i spotted a frequent visitor to my daily drive: a homeless man on the corner of ridgeway & park.  his sign said “Homeless, Hungry, Please Help.  God Bless You.”  i’ve passed him again and again, always wrapped up in my thoughts and my needs and my wants.  and i realized that i was going home to a lunch from a full refrigerator, in a heated home, and that i could replace anything in the pantry when i feel like it.  and that was a little much for me to reconcile with a hungry and homeless man.

so i zipped home even faster and began throwing things in a grocery bag: 3 apples.  2 slices of homemade banana bread.  one pack of crackers.  2 peanut butter & jelly sandwiches.  1 bottle of water.  a handful of napkins.  then i made my own lunch (a whole wheat bagel with peanut butter) and wolfed it down.  i rushed back out to my car and back to the corner where he was just turning away to walk back to what i discovered to be a group of three other homeless men to count their proceeds, pulled over, and called him to my car.

“sir?  sir!”

*quizzical look*

“i never have cash, i always see you, and this is all i can do, please enjoy this food.”

“thank you, thank you very much.”

and he walked away, continuing to count his money, clutching my target bag.  i don’t even know if he ate anything, if he threw it out, if he shared it with his friends.  but i hope he did eat it, i hope it made him a little less hungry for the day.

i want to be clear: i’m not telling this to you because i want some sort of recognition, because i’m so great look at me doing nice things.  i’m writing about it because i hope that, if you can, you do the same for someone in your neighborhood.  because as this economy worsens, you’ll be seeing more of them.  and it’ll only be good karma for you to help them out, too.

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