Weekend at Home

last weekend i flew home for one night, for an american cancer society casino night fundraising event thrown by my mom and her friend, former kc chiefs player dan saleaumua.  the event was great, i won an 8 GB ipod nano, but i was really more excited to see my nephews, who i hadn’t seen since christmas.  they’ve grown and started talking more and running much, much more.  

2796_541416874102_2102204_31925514_2191555_n  here’s brayden, all teeth and bright smiles.  i got each boy a new outfit as their (early) 2nd birthday gifts, and brayden’s wearing his here – it’s a bit large on him, but i have a feeling he’ll be growing into it.


2796_541416714422_2102204_31925500_2382496_nhere’s tyler, the younger by 3 weeks but the more talkative, so far.  he was all over climbing and sliding at the park, calling out for his “maaaaahhhhmmm” to “commmeeeeerreeee.”  i didn’t see him get grumpy one time while i was there, just a very happy kid.  hopefully they’ll both be coming to visit me in memphis at some point soon, before we move and possibly lose our 2nd bedroom space.  i want to take them to the children’s museum and the zoo here.  and for some commissary barbecue – i can only imagine the mess they’d make with that.

couldn’t come up with a reveal a secret for today, besides the fact that the rev is graduating on may 14 from EMT school and will officially be able to stick you with an IV.  watch out, memphis.

2796_541416749352_2102204_31925507_7110788_n3ps i love how tyler is flailing in every possible direction in this picture…it’s like he’s just so full of energy he might just send limbs shooting in every direction.


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