Monday Memories

i remember when i would spend my chai-fueled mornings at the museum, working here and there, rummaging in my closeted purse for “chapstick” as a premise but checking for text messages as a reality, and the minute it was time for a break, taking the bloch building’s stairs two at a time to sit outside on the patio to eat lunch in the shade and talk to my rev.  much was said about someday: someday i won’t have to call you on lunch, someday i won’t have to count down to see you in increments of days, someday someday.  and now someday has been here for almost ten months and it couldn’t be better,  and today for lunch we joined each other for a few brief minutes on our patio to inhale peanut butter sandwiches and laugh at patsy attempting a journey outside.  i’m not taking for granted that i’m happy, that we’re happy, that things are good.  happy monday.


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