And Wow, It’s Wednesday Again

i’m not quite sure how it is that time gets away from me so quickly.  i think, “eh, i’m working a double today/pete and i have plans/man bed is comfy, i’ll just put something up later,” and then hello, it’s been a week.  not that i have anything earth-shattering to write about – on the contrary.  life is all work with a smidge of play, as usual.  this memorial day weekend the rev, some friends, and i were able to hit up the foxfire ranch in northern mississippi for some blues by robert belfour and some barbecue to make a mississippi night complete.  and we proved, that night, that it is indeed possible for the rev and i to share a couch as a bed, somehow.  


memorial day itself was spent driving back from oxford (with, of course, a stop at big bad breakfast; a night in oxford just doesn’t become day again without a breakfast from there) and eating more at a barbecue with the rev’s folks (or polks, as we have come to call them…i can’t remember why).  he and i took on his parents, his aunt, and his mom’s cousin in a scrabble throwdown and did SO WELL they quit on us halfway through the game!  the dream team always takes it!

it’s always rough coming back from a couple of days truly off of work, but the rev managed to take tuesday by storm and pass his licensure exam for EMT-IV – he is now, finally and for the next two years at least, a licensed EMT!  it’s been a crazy few months.  stressful on both of us, on finding a happy medium-ish place between work/class/work/sleep and fun, on getting things done that we wanted to get done.  hopefully now he’ll return to the blogosphere, abandoned for no good reason except for mountains of homework – unless he continues on to paramedic school.  next up: finding a new house, taking a vacation (again), getting through the horrifically hot memphis summer.

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