Saturday Night in Memphis – It’s Like This for Everyone

this past saturday we had a rough outline of plans.  it would start with trivia at swanky’s taco shop in germantown with the rev’s brother and our friend ahern – plans included winning, which did not so much occur.  we knew that a separate group of friends were at a wedding together.  we all agreed to meet up somewhere, probably downtown, when they were through with the reception.

so we played trivia (and lost – badly) and ate some decent burrito bowls.  as we wrapped up we finally got a call that the other group was heading out.  we piled in my car and started driving downtown, with me as DD.  as the redbird’s stadium appeared on our right on union we got a call – no go on downtown, we would be meeting up with everyone in cooper-young instead.  so i grab a left turn, take another, pass the plush club (wow those are some short shorts on a big big butt…), and zoom back to midtown to cooper-young.

we decide, despite heavy amounts of hesitation and disgruntlement on the part of the rev, to spend our time waiting for the others at celtic crossing.  heading there we happen to pass one of our new favorite places in memphis: the house of mews.  the four of us stood mesmerized for way longer than we should have, watching all of the cats.  so many many cats.  we dragged ourselves away finally to celtic crossing and had a drink outside in front doing what we often do at bars – making fun of the others there.  (nice, i know.)

the night went on and it was suddenly midnight, with nary a sign of the friends we were supposed to have met somewhere about two hours previous.  after much pleading and needling i encouraged the group of us that the dish would be a fun next stop as we continued our wait, and i could not have been MORE RIGHT.  the four of us walk up to the bouncer to get our ids checked and he lets us know (apologetically) that the entire memphis roller derby team of girls was inside, and there was karaoke going on.  WHAT?? WHAT!?!  we dash inside and dupont (the rev’s little brother) immediately moves to get a song on the list and from there to attempt to dance with every roller derby girl, despite the predominance of sapphically leaning ladies.  hilarity ensues, along with ears getting licked, tricks getting whooped, glasses smashing on the floor, hips bouncing dupont around the room like a ping-pong ball, moshing, karaoke screaming, and, finally, our friends joining us to continue the insanity.

we found ourselves at the dish til after three a.m.  i am never up that late.  but we weren’t done, oh no.  we had a truly old-school house party to go to – a friend’s parents were out of town and he decided to have a party at their house (keep in mind, we’re all in the 25-year-old range).  a giggle-fueled ride back out to east memphis from cooper young later and we were there to enjoy a cold beer and wind down the night.  we didn’t stay terribly long and got back to our house (the rev, dupont, and i) at 3:45 a.m. for sandwiches and chips & salsa.

the night, it was insane.

in other news: i’m going to be off the air for the next week or more, as i will be in a cabin in a state park on the other side of the state.  as it does not come with a television, i’m assuming there will be no wi-fi.  pictures and stories to come.


One thought on “Saturday Night in Memphis – It’s Like This for Everyone

  1. julebud says:

    Have a wicked good time!

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