The Apostrophe’s Degeneration From Its Appropriate Position; It’s Annoying

it is UNREAL how often i see apostrophes (this symbol: ‘) misused, from everyday paperwork to major advertisements in magazines, on posters, even on billboards.  it is driving me insane, and truly causing me great concern for the intelligence levels of pretty much everyone, since all people from advertisers to promoters to owners have viewed these ads, etc. and are allowing them to be printed and posted.

these are NOT APPROPRIATE uses of an apostrophe:

– pluralizing a family’s last name: hey, i just called the anderson’s and they said to tell you what’s up.  NO.  the apostrophe creates a possessive, so i am left wondering: the anderson’s WHAT?  and who is this singular person that goes by “the anderson”?  you leave me perplexed.

– pretty much pluralizing anything else.  (the 1960’s; CD’s; etc.)  just because you are putting an S on the end of a word does not mean you must also include an apostrophe.  it is so wrong.

appropriate uses:

– to show possession, i.e. pete’s blog,, is languishing in the depths (not depth’s) of despair.

– and because i’m too lazy to spell out the rest, click here for a beautiful overview of the proper uses of apostrophes and why.

the thing that kills me is when people write that they add apostrophe’s to words.  what?  no!  you are KILLING me.  i am dead, death by bad grammar.  IT’S a DORK’S death, and ITS nerdiness level is humiliating.  please, head back to when grammar was appropriately taught in the 1950S and learn how to employ proper punctuation!

One thought on “The Apostrophe’s Degeneration From Its Appropriate Position; It’s Annoying

  1. Sarah (Mrs. CT Sr.) says:

    Amen. Would you please next address the proper use of “good” versus “well?” As you know, that is my pet peeve. As good it should be.

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