One of Those

today has been one of those disjointed, overly-long, sleepy-filled days.  it’s disjointed because i went home not feeling well from work yesterday, so i had an abbreviated monday.  then this morning the rev had an appointment to get scoped to see if he has any ulcers going on, for which he had to get put under.  and me being me, I had to be the one to take an anti-anxiety pill for that operation, just from worrying over him.  i dropped him off before work, returned home to change, and went to work, anticipating picking up a groggy rev around 11:30.  instead i got a phone call at 9:45 or so, so i headed out to get him and grab a very early sandwich (10:30) as i was using my lunch break up.  he was anti-groggy, clear headed and ready to get back to his car.  got all that done, got back to work, and have been having a quiet, sleepy summer day here.  the anti-anxiety pill kicked in, making me too relaxed, drowsy, and wanting to be in bed-y.  all i can say is, thank goodness i’m not working a double today.  a nap is in my future.

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