Still Craving

i am still craving last night’s dinner, a creation i whipped up fueled by other cravings until i ended up with the masterpiece.  it was perfect on this oppressively hot summer evening – light, healthy, fresh.  here is what i made:

– 1 box whole wheat spaghetti

– 1 container fresh mozzarella pearls (they’re little, the size of peas)

– 15 leaves of lemon basil (from our garden)

– 1 package of prosciutto (the craving that started it all)

– 2 roma tomatoes (probably could’ve done three)

– 1 lime

– kosher salt

– fresh cracked black pepper

– organic arugula (i won’t tell if you don’t get organic)

– dried basil

– olive oil

– balsamic vinegar

ok well with that piecemeal list of ingredients, i cooked the pasta, gave it a cold water rinse til it chilled off, and put it into a mixing bowl.  i drizzled it with enough olive oil to coat it, and squeezed in five lime wedges.  poured in all of the (drained) fresh mozzarella, chopped up the tomatoes and added those, and made a chiffonade out of the fresh basil and added that.  then a sprinkling of kosher salt, the pepper, and a bit of dry basil, followed by a light drizzle of balsamic.  toss, toss, toss.  then, when i served it, i put it in a wide bowl, topped it with torn chunks of prosciutto (cold), and a pile of arugula (cold, uncooked).  i put on a bit more cracked pepper just to polish it off, and if you want, another squeezed lime wedge.  it. is. awesome.  so fresh and cool, peppery, salty, sweet.  best summer dinner i’ve made in a long while.


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