– goodBYE, willie herenton.  there aren’t many that will miss you.

– i hope the rev and i get approved on renting this house – i’ve practically already got it painted and arranged in my head.

– cigarette pants = audrey hepburn.  except like, 4 sizes or so bigger.

– when a mannequin form fell on me last night, i was ok.  when i woke up this morning and put my purse on my shoulder i was whatthefuckOW!  maybe tomorrow i’ll be back to ok?

– i need the chocolate walnut brownie dessert from firebird’s.  it makes me happy.  ok, any brownie makes me happy.  but that one’s especially big and luscious.

One thought on “Thinking

  1. Most brownies make me happy too; however there was the one from a tv dinner that brought tears to my eyes. That. Good.

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