Still Spinning

it’s amazing what all can go down in less than a week.  since i last posted we lost farrah fawcett and michael jackson (oh, you haven’t heard?  then you are either helen keller or as dead as MJ, because apparently this is all that’s worth talking about).  and last night we experienced our own personal tragedy in the theft of the rev’s wallet and cell phone from his gym locker.

first of all, ew.  someone dug through the rev’s gross workout clothes (he had been there for almost two hours) and his smelly sneakers to reach the bottom of his gym bag for the goods.  so nast.  then, they did it between the time he checked his phone pre-shower and the time he exited said shower.  that is pretty ballsy, i must say.

on the plus side: the rev happened to have, on a fluke, not only put his driver’s license in a separate spot but to have also recently procured cell phone insurance.  the fact that he still has his license means i do not have to drive the entire trip to KC and back on my own.  this is good.  it also proves incredibly useful in proving to banks and such that he is in fact who he says he is.

on the negative side: the thief charged $500.00 to target, and $5.00 to chick-fil-a.  of course, the rev will be reimbursed for those charges once they go through the system.  but it’s still pretty disheartening.  the rev also had his EMT and CPR licenses in his wallet – wouldn’t you think a thief might give a crap at all about robbing someone who could later pull them out of a burning building?  apparently not.  we searched every locker to make sure that the wallet with the licenses hadn’t been left behind after taking the goods, but they hadn’t.  within an hour of the theft every card had been canceled and the phone had been cut off (though not before i sent a rather, uh, rude? text message to the thief).

so now we head out for the weekend with the rev’s driver’s license and some cash to get us through.  and as the rev said while seeking comfort in her paws, “at least they didn’t steal patsy.”

patsy showing her love for her pops by lounging on his jeans

patsy showing her love for her pops by lounging on his jeans

2 thoughts on “Still Spinning

  1. She’d have fought them to the death had they tried their hand at cat burglary.

    ….Pun clearly intended.

  2. Michelle says:

    That sucks!! I hope that guy gets what’s coming to him. Have fun going to KC and be careful!

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