Bungalow Dwelling

since we signed the lease yesterday, i feel like it’s finally ok to say WE HAVE A NEW RENTAL HOUSE THANK YOU JESUS AND ALL THAT IS HOLY WOOOOOOOO!!!!  i have to tell you, it’s been a huge worry of mine (though the rev would say, “what isn’t a huge worry of yours??”) that we would find a place in time.  we initially had to be out of our current townhouse on july 17th, but thanks to poor paper management skills at the office, we got trapped into staying until the 1st.  and there was no way in holy hell that we were staying in that place.  as i tell everyone, i love it once i’m inside and deadbolted in – we have 1200 sq. ft., things set up very cozily, and almost all of the toilets flush properly.  but stepping out into our complex is a literal danger – since we’ve lived here we’ve both had our cars keyed, the rev had a car window smashed, there have been multiple break-ins across the complex, gunshots went off just a couple of doors down from me, and a murder-suicide occurred elsewhere in the complex.  the memphis police do regular patrols in our complex (but only in their cars, i guess it’s not safe enough to get out).  papa john’s point-blank told us they don’t deliver to our complex after dark.  and we had a security guard at the front entrance for a while – i guess he quit.

needless to say, we’ve been itching to get out for at least the last 6-11 months.  but when it came time to find a place in a reasonable price range with equal amenities and size, things got a little tougher than i realized.  ultimately, though, we were successful by driving around and calling on a yard sign.  we initially walked around the outside of this house, lifting each other up to peer in windows, surveying the yard, and enjoying the driveway.  then i met up with a friend of the owner to see the interior, took pictures, and from there it’s been pretty well set that it’s what we wanted.  when we realized there was no dishwasher, the owner offered to put one in.  and we were hooked.  just last night the rev and two of our friends got to see the interior for the first time, and we are all loving the nearly 1400 sq. ft., 2 bedrooms, 2 full bathrooms, and a bonus room at the back of the house.  and the best part, at least to me: the owner is going to let me pick out the paint colors, as long as i do the painting.  FINE BY ME.  every girl moving from a townhouse with the lovely grayish white walls that are so generic to a 1930 bungalow would LOVE to get to pick out colors.  it’s at the tippy top of our budget, but i think it’s going to be worth it.


3 thoughts on “Bungalow Dwelling

  1. Michelle says:


  2. Katherine says:

    Can’t wait to see pictures of the inside!

  3. Leslie says:

    looks great! can’t wait to see inside!

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