House Deets

so i have used some of my time to create for you an awful, misproportioned, but general idea of the floorplan of our new house:

Floorplani forgot to add the steps to the front porch, but i assume you realize that you do not just meet a brick wall when you approach the front of the house.  also missing: closets.  they exist, though.  the kitchen and bonus room are not quite as wee as portrayed, and really the kitchen is extremely ample given the size of most midtown/university-area kitchens.

at this point we’re envisioning the bonus room (an addition, along with the 2nd bath) will likely be our true den/hang out, with the living room being a more formal office/library/welcome room situation.  i also plan on finding for cheap somewhere a small stand for patsy for the front bank of windows and installing a bird bath in the front yard for her daily birdwatching entertainment.

but to the true point of this post: paint colors.  i want to stay fairly neutral, since this is a rental, but with some small amount of warmth so it feels like ours and like home.  there is a ton of molding and trim, and i’m planning on doing it all in a creamy white (not stark white, something a smidge softer).  for the living room and dining room, since they flow right into each other i will likely do the same color – right now i’m seeing a khaki color.

the guest bedroom is up in the air because i’ll be reupholstering the bed headboard and getting a new duvet, so until i accomplish that i won’t be totally sure of what color i’ll want the walls.  our current bedspread in the master has this awesome tone of soft gray/brown in it, and i want to do the walls in that color but a few shades lighter – definitely no doom & gloom feeling, just soft and comforting.

i have to get back in the house to make my mind up on the kitchen – i’m not even sure i have any real wall space to paint, there’s a lot of linoleum wall tiling going on.  the back room is a nice green/khaki color already and i may just match that – one wall is a former exterior brick wall that’s been painted.  what i really wish is that i could strip that and then paint the rest of the room a cream color, but i’m not sure what i’d be getting myself into there.  the bathrooms will probably just get a coat of all white to match the trim, unless i get creative.  can you tell i’m ready to get going?  i’ve been living on the behr website, looking at option after option after option.  decisions, decisions.

2 thoughts on “House Deets

  1. Jules says:

    Congrats!! Best wishes for happy dreams at the new place. I know you think I suck. That is fine. I will get you back by telling you about the awesome yellow paint in our bedroom/living room. In the summer house. A mile from the Mediterranean. But seriously, kind of a creamy yellow, you would like it, I think, keep it in mind.

  2. coltempo says:

    maybe i’ll use a creamy yellow for the guest bedroom and build the bed around that color….hmmm.

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