Owie #1


once i had my hands on our new house keys, i knew it was only a matter of time until i became certifiably obsessed with painting it in a range of suitably soothing and historic colors.  i woke up at 9:15 on sunday morning with the knowledge that the paint was in my trunk, and was consequently arriving at the house by 9:40, having whispered to a befuddled and drowsy rev that i was leaving to paint.  i did not have food, i did not have drink, i just had paint.

i began by removing a plethora of old nails, screws, sticky tack, and velcro (?) from the walls, left by the previous bachelor tenants.  armed with a putty knife and color-changing putty (it fades to white when it’s dry!  handy!) i repaired all of the holes in the living room, dining room, guest room, and hallway.  then i noticed a window sash, a door frame,  and the guest bedroom door – all had strips of paint missing.  large strips of paint.  there was no way to just paint over them and make it go away, so the only logical thing left to do was to scrape them all down to their bare bones.

suddenly i found myself covered in paint chips and with an enormous open blister of my pointer finger (shown above).  it was about this time i also realized i needed to get to my second job.  i consequently ran home, showered, and had a near nervous breakdown realizing the magnitude of work left to be accomplished at both the new house and in packing the current house.  because i work for an awesome company with wonderful people, i was able to call in to work and simply head back to the house.  by this point the putty was dry, so i sanded it down and started painting.  i tackled the living and dining rooms, with two coats each and tons of trim work.  the rev and i were there til 8 pm and in all that time i was only able to paint both rooms’ major sections and the complete edging of one.  both rooms still have all the trim work to be done (lots of trim work, miles of it).  suffice it to say, this probably will not be my last blister, and i have a lot to accomplish in these next two weeks before i turn 25, move, and pass out for a week from exhaustion.

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