Beware of Southern Mosquitoes

they suck.  (ha, get it?  suck?  ha.  i’m lame.)

0727091351two things must be addressed: one, i do not have cankles, it is merely the quality of my cell phone camera and the angle (p.s. did anyone else see/hear this morning on the today show the exclamatory headline “CANKLES. What are they and how to deal with them!”  so strange.)  two, both of my ankles look like this.  having my pants’ cuffs brush against them is perilous.  so awful.

2 thoughts on “Beware of Southern Mosquitoes

  1. Katherine says:

    Yeah the cankles thing is out of control. That is like the last thing anyone needs to be worrying about. And I am sorry about your bites!

  2. KaDerrick says:

    Yeah, in the South, you pretty much have to avoid any place with the slightest bit of moisture. Which with the humidity, means anywhere outside.

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