I Am Alive, & Other News

the move went very smoothly.  all that broke was a full-length mirror from walmart, which was a net loss of all of $5.  we had amazing help.  the weather checked out for us (as opposed to the tornado of the evening before…literally).  we enjoyed gibson’s donuts for breakfast, a chick-fil-a lunch in true memphis style, and a sonic slush break as the afternoon wore on.  so now everything is at least in the house, if not exactly sorted and perfectly appointed.

pictures will be forthcoming, and i do have some befores to contrast to my afters, but i am not too thrilled to put up in-between pictures.  plus, we don’t have internet at the house yet.

oh, and on that note.  we have chosen to get only internet at our new house, and forego tv.  *gasp* *gag* *choke*!  but we have a little electronic doo-dad thing that lets us upload stuff from our computers to the tv, where we can watch pretty much whatever we want, commercial free.  and we’ve noticed already how much more relaxed we are and more focused on each other and other, more fruitful activities without the constant drone of the tv.

patsy has done well.  she has thrown up twice, i hope just from stress and not from something more drastic.  she has seemed to be ok since she located our/her queen-sized bed and her familiar blankies.  there has been a lot of pacing, though, and we get a huge kick out of her toenails clicking on the wood floors.  “here comes pitter pat!”

my birthday (saturday) was a lovely break from it all, with a surprise trip to texas de brazil courtesy of the rev.  we got all fancied up and enjoyed way too much food and a movie at home afterward.  his gift to me this year?  a trip to the nail bar at some point in the near future for a mani/pedi.  yes, my feet will be coated in chocolate.  yes, i get to drink an amaretto sour while i get that kind of service.  yes, i will be beyond relaxed.  he knows what i like.

otherwise, project move-in-and-get-settled is underway and i fear will be ongoing for an unspecified length of time.  this week i’m working til 8:30 pm wed-fri and for 4.5 hours on saturday, so i’m not going to have much home-time to get things situated.  it’ll get there though – someday.

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