until such time that i have actual minutes and hours to devote to decorating my real house, i have created for myself an ideal reading nook.


click to enlarge, if necessary.  please excuse the crappy cutting & pasting, i used paint.  anyway.  as a former pottery barn employee i am a little partial to their pieces – hence the side table, floor lamp, rug, and foot stool.  i would re-cover the foot stool in Amy Butler’s gorgeous sunrise fabric in gray though, and likely make a round throw pillow out of it.  i would toss that pillow on to my re-covered ikea EKTORP armchair (sigh, what i wouldn’t give for an ikea close by), again with an Amy Butler fabric.  i went to etsy for some accessories – i loved the natural look of the ikebana vase (made of real stones, but with a fully-sealed interior, how cool is that??) and thought it would bring the eye up from the naturally textured rug.  and finally a little woodcut print, just sweet, and again with some natural elements and similar tonality to the floor to bring the eye up and around.  i would spend many an hour here (if i had them free).

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