More Dream Design

this time i’m heading down the clothing route, to another brand near & dear to my aesthetic and also my bank account….

Work Outfiti decided to put together two outfits around a new bag that came in for fall – one work and one weekend – and that one is the work one, above.  i am a SUCKER for sweaters, especially gray ones (they are so….smumfy), to the point that coworkers have to argue me down from buying them all.  this new one for fall is so super cute, especially layered over a skinny long-sleeved white tee.  classing it up a bit with a pencil skirt and the new cut-out booties – those shoes are kind of a fashion risk for me but i think i have room in my heart to love them (ps what about with black tights?  too much?).  i am IN LOVE with that necklace, go see it in person.  and you can never go wrong with a fun chunky ring.   i should add to this grouping a starbucks cup, just for that stereotypical but oh-so-me accesssory.

Weekend Outfitoh, look, another gray sweater!  who would have ever guessed?  same bag, again, with some classic skinny jeans.  another white tee.  i need to be a clothing designer, a la michael kors, so i can just wear a white tee and jeans with something thrown into the mix every day.  i would truly be at my happiest.  that long cardigan is so, so, so, SO gorgeous, it has this weaving that is so special and cozy and perfect.  cute little ballet flat, big sunglasses, another fun chunky ring, and some disc earrings to round it all out.  i like wearing gold with some grays and darks, it’s a little unexpected since so many think silver right away.  it adds a little warmth, i think.

so if anyone wants to give me, say, $1000 so i can pick up these two outfits for fall, that’d be awesome.

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