ok kderrick.  apparently, i have been too lax in my posting of late, and demands have been made, college friends are bored, and i might just get written off.  so, here i am.

ok i have nothing to say, and no good pictures of the interior of my house yet.  BUT.  tonight i’m home alone while the rev trains to be a fire hero, so i can straighten and photograph some (just some) of the interior of the house without having to immediately re-straighten after him and his mini trail of destruction that bleeds out behind him wherever he goes in the house.  AND.  we have internet in the house now, so, novelty of novelties, i can immediately put those pictures up on here.  so watch for it.


2 thoughts on “Placeholder

  1. kderrick says:


  2. Jules says:

    I am with Kderrick….Let’s see those photos!!! PS when are you coming to visit?

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