Name Game

in the past week we’ve had a semi-permanent new member of the household – a cat who showed up on our porch, found the gliders especially to his liking, and hasn’t left.  well, that’s not true.  he’s left, usually leaving me bereft and mopey, but he keeps coming back.  i know, i know – i fed him.  that’s why he’s back.  i prefer to think that he has deep, unabashed love for me, and he keeps coming back for the privilege of a snuggle with me.

either way, i got the go-ahead to keep him from the rev.  the only problem is, as we found out from a neighbor, he isn’t so much neutered, and has the male cat tendency to spray urine on furniture, walls, what have you to mark his territory.  that would be extremely uncool.  so, we’re going to get him 6096_546157947952_2102204_32178157_1338152_nneutered in the hopes that that cures that little habit, and until then we’re keeping him cozy on the porch.  it has gotten to the point that if i go out front and he’s not there i just have to call and he comes running – last night down the middle of the street – to me.  he’s my little man.

we need a name for him.  i’ve been calling him freddy, freddy spaghetti, and mr. spaghetti.  pete submitted a list of more fanciful names, and i actually like several of them.  just getting your opinion on these, for now – we may actually have patsy the cat, queen of the household, choose her new little sibling’s name via scraps of paper, or if one name keeps sticking we will likely just go with it.  here are our submissions:

– oliver (ollie)

– alfred p. jennings (alfie)

– herschel kingsley (hersch)

– charles h. longfellow (charlie)

– harold l’enfant (harry, or monsieur l’enfant)

whichever four names we don’t use i think we’ll use to name my new jose pulido prints (from his shop on etsy, MisNopalesArt):

6096_546157923002_2102204_32178152_4690278_nwhat are your thoughts?  i personally think the raccoon is especially monsieur l’enfant-ish, so that might take that out of the running for the cat.  hopefully he (the cat) continues sticking around long enough to get an official name with us!

5 thoughts on “Name Game

  1. Sarah (Mrs. CT Sr.) says:

    Charlie is the sentimental favorite, but I do like Ollie a lot. Actually, I think I like Smoov the best, even though it wasn’t on your list.

  2. Sarah (Mrs. CT Sr.) says:

    P.S. — you remember when Nick got to pick his sister’s name??? So if you end up with a cat named Pete, because that’s what Patsy chose, I’ll understand.

  3. kderrick says:

    My brother has a cat named Oliver! Not the most social cat, but very well behaved, and we all agree that it is a good cat name.

  4. […] of events.  last friday i was perusing the memphis animal services photo website, for the sweet little cat i’d told you all about had stopped coming around and i wanted to make sure he hadn’t […]

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