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so i checked out for a while – a lot has been going on!

two weekends ago my mom and nephew tyler came to visit.  despite my having strep throat we managed to show tyler memphis in style – the memphis zoo, play time at the house with a Real Life Firefighter (aka uncle pee pants aka pete):6134_152079625154_505020154_3877791_8043543_nmore play time at mr. & mrs. anderson’s, followed by dinner at the macaroni grill.  then the next day was brunch at brother juniper’s:

6134_152779910154_505020154_3889580_369346_nthere’s always quite a wait, and we swung the time away.  he had a great time, with some falls and minor scrapes and bug bites along the way – he is certainly all two-year-old boy.

then this weekend came a whole crazy series of events.  last friday i was perusing the memphis animal services photo website, for the sweet little cat i’d told you all about had stopped coming around and i wanted to make sure he hadn’t been picked up by the pet police.  as i perused, i came across a picture of a boykin spaniel mix, a dog that looks just like our friend gray’s dog:

n2102204_31672899_9578we love that dog.  anyway, i sent the picture over to pete as kind of a wow i love this dog, it’d be gray’s dog’s twin, isn’t he cute?  a few emails back and forth ballooned into We Must Save This Dog Now, and pete’s quick call at the end of the day friday put a hold on him so we could get there first thing saturday to fill out papers.

as agreed, we were there at 10 am to meet the dog and get the process started.  they showed us back to the kennels (wow, the smell) and we walked every row, looking in each kennel.  each one held anywhere from 1 – 4 dogs scrambling to give us kisses, show us a wagging tail, and beg us to take them out of there.  it was heartbreaking.  more heartbreaking: our boykin boy was nowhere to be found.  finally, after much double-checking, we discovered that he had actually been euthanized friday morning (for being “too timid”), about 8 hours before we called.  i was distraught and fought back tears, of course.

but we were there, already planning to adopt, and there were tons of dogs that needed our help.  so we went to walk the aisles again, only to be offered half off of our fee by the director as an apology for the mistake.  i was drawn back to one little boy that had been attentive and sweet each time i walked by, but without the manic barking:


each time we walked by, we were greeted with perked ears, a cocked head, and a thousand kisses.  we got him out of the kennel and snuggled for a minute, and he was the one.  we filled out paperwork, and went to pick him up yesterday post-neutering.  so please welcome our newest revtempo household member, Gibson “Gibb” Wainwright Prescott Anderdise:

0908091625he was a little zonked out after being neutered, but is starting to come into his own.  he’s filthy, way, wayyyy too skinny, and a little overwhelmed, but those are all curable things.  he’s snug at home in his kennel with a peanut-butter filled Kong toy and some tunes to listen to, and he and i enjoyed a 6 a.m. walk and breakfast together this morning.  patsy feigns indifference but showed no less than abject horror when he attempted to jump on to our/HER bed this morning (“how DARE he!”).  we’ll see how that goes as he gets more energy!

One thought on “New News

  1. Michelle says:

    I teared up reading this..poor puppies..

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