15 Looks

as some of you may or may not be aware, this past week was fashion week at bryant park in new york city, where designers showed their spring 2010 ready-to-wear collections.  i ❤ clothes.  especially, and unfortunately, clothes i’ll never be able to afford.  but anywho, here are fifteen looks i pulled from some of my fav designers (you can view pretty much everyone’s full collections at style.com in slideshow format…free good fun!):

anna sui

anna sui….love the pattern, the fun “tie”, the explosion of pattern across the cardigan, the silhouette, love it all.  nice shades, too.

diane von furstenburg

diane von furstenberg.  that silhouette would give any girl a tiny waist, and the color choices and use are fun and striking.  i’d likely de-accessorize this girl a bit and put her hair into a loose updo bun.

donna karan

donna karan.  she always does a great job of accentuating the best of the female figure – practically every single piece she sent down the runway this season has a cinched waist, gorgeous full skirt, and she knows how to gracefully work those sleeves to the arms’ best advantage.  loved her palette too, lots of cool tones with BAMS of bright orange.


halston.  i love this look from head to toe – i’m always a fan of minimal but impactful accessorizing – one huge stack of bangles but no necklace or major earring.  shows off the woman as the centerpiece.  and this lovely frothy maxi looks as comfy as it is gorgeous.

halston 2

ok, halston again.  very similar silhouette, obviously.  but this color is just to.die.for.  i could eat it.  and random fact about this salmon color: it works on every single skin tone.  picture it.  it’s true.


marchesa.  every single one of their gowns this season is like a big gift wrapping, as if they’re presenting each woman as a present in delicious satins, chiffons, and silks.  this one was my favorite – i’m always big on a graphic color contrast to accentuate the waist, and the froth at the shoulder is just enough to not overpower.

monique lhuillier

monique lhuillier.  love this coat, love love love it.  it’s obviously a big time investment dress-up coat, and this is probably considered blasphemy, but MAN i want to wear this over a simple black cashmere turtleneck and skinny jeans this fall.  love.

naeem khan

naeem khan.  the majority of his upcoming collection was a little much for me, a lot of just embroidery and embellishment and ruffles and etc.  but this piece has such a great and inventive use of texture, i feel like i might purr if i wore this.

oscar de la renta

oscar de la renta.  he got it right this season, in a big way – but he always does.  the man just gets it, for me.  this sheath is so chic, the pattern so interesting and eye-catching.  i would have the impulse to throw on a cardigan, but what about a nice salmon color or kelly green?

oscar de la renta 2

oscar de la renta, again.  that obi style is so wonderfully structured to give every woman the shape they would kill for.  i’m not sure how i feel about putting the white under it, though it gives a gorgeous contrast.  and that tone of blue is so crisp but the fabric is so soft that the whole attitude is just…clean.  love.

oscar de la renta 3

last de la renta, i swear.  i would MURDER someone for this dress.  absolutely showstopping.  perfect silhouette, lovely detailing of lace and feathers without a kind of twee result, mature but young.  with louboutins, of course.

ralph lauren

ralph lauren.  he took the newsboy/country bumpkin/20’s gangster theme a little out there for me, but i would wear this outfit in a heartbeat.  even the newsboy.  well, maybe not the stilettos.  but the rest, yes please.

reem acra

reem acra.  i just love that belt.  and the fabric is grandma’s couch from the ’70s without being TOO grandma’s couch from the ’70s.  and the silhouette with the short hemline and full skirting is enough to make the dress modern and fun rather than a little dowdy and old-fashioned, which that fabric could lean to.  nice work, reem.  (we’re on a first name basis.)

tommy hilfiger

tommy hilfiger.  i always love a trench-inspired structured dress.  and the grommet use is interesting and unique without leaving you wondering what the hell he’s doing.  i like the 3/4 sleeve length too, gives a proper edge to that deep V.


and lastly, tuleh.  i will never, never, never turn down a good hoodie.  especially made of thin and i’m sure beyond luxurious material, AND it has my fav – horizontal striping.  if i had one of these i would live in it.

ok, hope you had as much fun as i did with this little look at some of the spring collections…i’m off to explore the designers i’ve never heard of, so you might see another of these with those guys thrown in!

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  1. coltempo says:

    sorry for the wackadoo text alignment, i don’t feel like messing with it. hopefully you can tell which image i’m discussing….

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