Fall in M-Town

fall has begun inching its way into the mid-south, lagging a few weeks behind my former homes in kansas and massachusetts.  last night we were able to keep the a/c off and still sleep cozily in a 68-degree house (we both love it cold to sleep, it makes your comforter that much better).

this season – if you can call it a season down here – always means certain things to me:

– chai tea lattes from starbucks…ok any season means those to me.


– apple cider candles at home.


– a change in sunlight and a bluer sky.


– scarves with long-sleeved tees.


– riding boots worn to festivals held on soggy grounds.


– family and friend gatherings being warm and full of food.


– a certain smell in the air that always and forever instantly transports me to the grounds of wellesley – i think it’s a combination of fallen, musty leaves, fall breeze, and paper.  i’m instantly walking along sev green toward my dorm:

Severance Hall, Wellesley College-small

luckily i’ll be back at the school in a couple of weeks (if only for the weekend), so i’ll get my fix then.  as for the rest of it, i’ve got plans!  welcome to memphis, fall, we’ve missed you!

3 thoughts on “Fall in M-Town

  1. Michelle says:

    Hey! I saw you gave Pete’s nieces and nephews the awesome shirts with the numbers on them. Where did you get them???

  2. coltempo says:

    i made them! it’s super easy – i got a cute fabric and put an adhesive iron-on on it, cut out the numbers, and then ironed them on to the tees. on the backs are the numbers, too, and then their first name across the shoulders.

  3. Hello! I’d just like to give a huge thumbs up for this great piece you’ve got here. I will be coming back for more before long. Cheers.

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