Moving Right Along

the days and weeks keep speeding by, but i finally have a development to announce: the rev is joining me in the two-job world!  so now we not only have a budding one of these in the house:

we have one of these joining the ranks as well:

i’ll feel pretty safe at home, as a consequence.  that is…when he’s there.  but that’s why we got our big, bad dog, right?:

0930092006great, a whole lot of help he’s going to be.  he’s far too occupied with his kajillion toys to protect his mom.  he has gotten pretty good at fetch, though, til he gets tired of it and just takes his toy off by himself.  pete got him a big huge bone “knuckle” which has now become the star attraction of the house for gibb.  he runs for it the second he’s out of his crate and doesn’t leave it til he goes back to bed.  he’s also put on more than seven pounds since we picked his skinny butt up from the shelter and nursed him back to health, so he’s filling up and out quite nicely.  hopefully someday he will be my big protector!

other than that, not much to report.  it’s finally getting cooler (a bit, of course today it’s back up to 76) here.  i can feel the rhythms of holiday shopping season begin to ebb at job #2 and in my soul (i’ve been christmas shopping since july).  after this weekend at home we have two busy ones upcoming – first i’m off to the east coast on sort-of-not-really business, then back here, then the following weekend back to the east coast but with the rev this time, for a bit of a run.  (him, definitely not me…i’ll be on the sidelines eating fried dough and passing him tape for his nipples.)  then back home to plan for thanksgiving in memphis, then more travel in december!  huh, no idea why the holidays are exhausting…

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