Grocery Store Bouquet

last sunday we had a couple friends over for brunch.  i like to put out some kind of small centerpiece or something to enhance the table and my pottery barn paisley runner (man, i miss my discount there).  i figured i’d give a quick run-down on how i made a $4 bunch of carnations into something a bit more:


about a week earlier i had bought the “vase,” a glass pumpkin from walmart for all of $5 (you can see the lid/top of the pumpkin leaning to the right there).  i had had some fake fruit and berries in a fall theme inside, so i dumped those into another glass bowl for our coffee table and filled this halfway with water & flower food.

next i went out to my backyard and snipped the extra greenery (the long leaves you see around the base of the white flowers), so that was $0.  i tried to get a mix of dark, light, and then some were turning a kind of rust color so i threw a few of those in there, too.  i placed them in the vase all around the base.

then came the carnations: i snipped them all with about 4″ or so of stem left and arranged them into a domed bunch.  it’s solid white, which i really like.

i wanted some height to it, so i pulled one dried onion stalk (about 3′ long) from a dried arrangement i have elsewhere in the dining room and snipped it in thirds, but of unequal heights.  i slid them down into the center of the dome of carnations in a central grouping, and grabbed a single piece of dried grass from that same other arrangement.  i snapped it in two pieces and just kind of used the base of white and the green stalks to act as bases for sticking it in some sort of “artful” design.  i liked the ikebana feel to the upper half of the arrangement.

it’s nothing big or overly impressive, but it was a nice intimate piece for a smallish dining table filled with food, coffee, and friends – it worked and was a nice fall piece without being too, you know…glowing-orange-pumpkin-with-spooky-music fall.  and all for a grand total of $9.


2 thoughts on “Grocery Store Bouquet

  1. Adorable! We love it. So glad you’re enjoying some fresh and affordable blooms. And thanks so much for the link so we can enjoy them too!

    Sherry (& John)

  2. coltempo says:

    Thanks Sherry, for the initial inspiration! I’m still loving the arrangement, carnations live for an abnormally long time!

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