…eating Special K italian tomato & herb baked crackers with roasted red pepper hummus.
—creating a mental to-take list for my flight(s) this weekend.
…realizing i forgot to get three tubes of chapstick from walmart just now (went on my lunch break) – one for my bedside, one for my keyboard at work, and one for my purse.  i have a problem, you say?
—wanting to make cincinnati  chili for dinner on this dreary memphis day.
…trying to remember the recipe for pound cake that i actually will be making tonight (not for dinner).
—wishing that H&M had an online store so i could plot my upcoming purchases.
…dying to repaint my nails.  i hate when they get all chipped and outgrown-polishy.
—wondering if i can get by traveling with everything for my trip in one large canvas tote that has no zipper.  maybe i’ll sew in some buttons…
…mentally amping up for a walk in the rain with gibb after work – he has a yellow rain slicker, i have zero waterproof coats.  dog parenting success, life skills fail.

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