Gone & Back & Gone Again

absence explanation:  last weekend i was in the city of my alma mater, boston, ma.  actually, i was at my alma mater itself, wellesley college, for an “Alumnae Leadership Conference” – basically a few sessions over the weekend on how to be a better alum and help the college out.  interesting, i’ve done it before, and it was really nice to see some old friends.  mid-october on campus was gorgeous as ever.  1017091509it was totally surreal to be back, especially for the first time that i didn’t know a single student, but still all in all was lovely.  i also got to spend the evening with my former campus boss (i worked for her for four years) so it was nice catching up with her.

now we’re already to this weekend, where i am once again going to be absent from memphis – the rev is running an east-coast marathon with his two brothers (his first marathon!), and i will be joining him to cheer him on.  expect good pictures of a sweaty, exhausted rev.  while away from memphis, i’ll be missing a baby shower for a friend/co-worker.  last night i made her gift, and i wanted to share it because i’m kind of secretly thrilled with the results:

1023090840bok obviously the upcoming baby is a girl, named allie grace.  her father is in love with the florida gators, so she already has the nickname of allie gator.  i went to old navy and picked up two light pink onesies and used some iron-on adhesive stuff to add custom fabric designs to each one.  i also happened to find a stuffed alligator at old navy and added that to the mix.  this is the larger of the two onesies – i picked up a 0-3 mos. and a 6-12 mos., so she has multiple sizes covered.

1023090840this is the smaller onesie, featuring the baby’s other nickname (her last name begins with J).  i seriously had so much fun designing these, finding fonts i liked and doing the cut outs.  for future projects i’ve determined that i’ll need a pair of wee, strong scissors to more easily cut out those letter openings.

1023090840aboth onesies have her monogram (both are the same) on the bum, so you know her coming and going!

1023090841then from etsy (WillowandIvy.etsy.com) i picked up some too cute handmade baby leg warmers, a trend i cannot get over for its adorableness.  they have light and dark pink stripes, so i was able to stick to the pink & green color scheme of my onesies (and, by design, the baby’s nursery colors).  this was such a fun project, and a follow-up to the tees i made for pete’s nephews and niece (seen in the header on Andersonmania, over in the right link bar there).  i’ve got more ideas up my sleeves!  i love no-sew projects!!

One thought on “Gone & Back & Gone Again

  1. Leslie says:

    LOVE THE ONESIES! and obvi love Boston too! Good luck to Pete on the marathon–he will do great!

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