Baking Fail

last night, rather than make the muffins posted about yesterday, we had people over for a cookout instead.  no baking occurred, just cleaning and throwing sticks for gibb and lounging around with friends.  maybe tonight?  nope, working.  maybe tomorrow night?  nope, volunteering at a halloween party for inner-city kids.  maybe saturday?  saturday has some openings.  saturday might be good.

in other news (but still slightly on my new tangent of hi i have no time for anything), the following is a depiction of the sorry, sorry state of my nails:

1029091339blurry cell phone picture, but i’m sure you can see, nonetheless, the missing dark polish.  ick, ick, ick.  also, my sister thinks that that middle finger is horrifying, because i have a permanent indentation and bump next to it from pressing so hard with pencils and pens as i grew up.  this is one way you will tell if i have ever been replaced by a clone.  anyway, hopefully tonight after working til 8:30 i can carve out some time to repaint my nails.  unfortunately at my second job my hands are often front and center as i display items for purchase…embarrassing.

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