Bum Warmers

there is one single feature of my car that i vastly underestimated upon initial purchase: the seat warmer.  the two front seats have them, each with two settings: 1, pleasant warmth and 2, searing heat.

my car's interior, the day after i bought it. no longer as spotless, sigh.

it is hard to express the wide variety of uses i have found for the seat warmers.  they include (but are certainly not limited to): warming a pyrex of brownies en route to a party, that-time-of-the-month relief, impressing passengers, and simply heating my cold, cold body.  when i worked at the nelson and lived in midtown KC, the four-minute drive to work seemed most excellent.  but whose car’s heater heats up to a comfortable temperature in such a brief time?  no one’s, that’s who.  but my seat heaters?  they heat up in about 14 seconds.  totally lovely.  i have no idea how they work, but as long as they do i will be cranking them up through the winter months.  don’t have one?  apparently you can buy and install your own, and i couldn’t recommend you do that more (especially you people up in boston or those other northernmost regions)!


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