Last Weekend & Last Last Weekend

[i’ve missed day one of NaBloPoMo, dang it.]

let’s start two weekends ago.  we flew to DC (through thunderstorms, my faaaavorite.  ugh.)  we spent saturday afternoon picking up race packets, drinking water, and eating carbs.  i did the carbo loading in sympathy.


then the next morning was the race, bright and early.  the anderson trio (ben, pete, and stuart) took off for the marine corps marathon at about 6 a.m. for the start time of 8 a.m.  their support crew (me and stuart’s girlfriend leah – ben’s wife megan had their three little ones to watch) got a late start and met them at mile 20 around 11:30 am.  here’s the rev, looking not all that winded at this point:


then leah and i walked back to the subway to scoot a couple stops down the way to meet them at the finish line.  we stepped off the train and this is what we hit:


a wall of people.  it took us 25 full minutes to exit the subway station – good thing a. the ceilings were high and b. i’m not claustrophobic.


and here they are!  post-finish line with goody bags in hand and exhaustion beginning to severely take over.  at this point they were all starting to limp a bit.


very heroic.  i was so proud of him, i have no idea how he did it.  he wants me to train with him for next year.  uhhhhhhhhhh…maybe?


the trio’s worn-out kicks after the run, complete with digital tracking microchips.  unfortunately, despite my having signed up literally months ago to receive text-messaged updates to keep track of their location, i received nary a text.  thus our meeting them at only 2 spots…we had no idea where they were among the other 21,997 runners!


and finally, the rev took a much-needed respite and was cleaned off by the anderson family dog, max.  he was not much cleaner, however.

this past weekend was much less eventful…we had a power-cleaning session saturday day once the rev returned from standing on the sidelines of another race (for the cure) as a firefighter, on hand in case anyone dropped.  (no one dropped.)  then i worked for a few hours, and we tried to find something to go do for halloween.  absolutely nothing panned out, to our chagrin, so we fell asleep watching dexter.  we did get a couple of trick-or-treaters though, which thrilled the rev and gibb.  patsy didn’t care so much.

yesterday we had brunch out at bob barksdale’s after pete and gibb’s 6-mile run, and went to the sheffield antique mall in collierville.  i could spend about a gajillion dollars in there!  then we gave pete’s mom (a halloween baby) her birthday gift, went home for dinner, and again watched a string of dexters back-to-back (i am soobsessedomg.)  i’m thrilled that this morning i could start the week with all laundry cleaned and put away, the whole house dusted and vacuumed, and an hour later (seemingly) than normal.  fall is going well in memphis!

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