NaBloPoMo Fail, Friends Win

well, i’ve now missed three out of five days in november, so i officially fail my meager attempt to make good on NaBloPoMo this year.  dang.

to build my karma back up, i’m going to let you in on some secret artists that you may love (or not, that’s up to you, but i bet you’ll love them!).  and, push me over with a feather, i know these people!  this first artist is danielle maslan.  danielle and i went to elementary school from 2nd to 4th grade together, and thought we were hard listening to green day in 4th grade and coloring our nails with marker.  she is immensely talented and went to parsons in new york to hone her skills.   i’m totally going to save some pennies to pick up one of her pieces.

next up is gena destri (keffer) mcgill.  i knew her as gena keffer, same elementary school, same grades.  then we both moved a couple of cities down the road, went to different elementary schools for the next few years, and then we were back in school together in junior high!  gena is also insanely good, and i actually already own one of her pieces:

there it is above the mantel in our townhouse – she painted the Colosseum from life, and i snatched it from her.  i looooove that piece, and it now hangs in my dining room in a spot that i get to see it every day.  so cool to own things by friends.  and check out her other stuff – i really want her series of doors, also painted from life in italy.

high school (especially AP Chem class, what were we thinking?) brought me closer to amber ledom kellen.  after a stint in the navy, she is now a mommy to three (!) little ones and one busy lady.  she makes some super cute custom jewelry…order from her for the holidays if you order from anyone!  check out her stuff:

next is my college friend, lauren reyes gibbs-beadle.  first one to get married, first one to have a baby, and i’m pretty sure my first friend to have an etsy shop, especially an etsy shop that was once featured on dooce (!!).  i love her little hippillows, and i’m going to have to send her some fabric to do a damask one for my guest room bed.  so cute.

Baby Neutron hippillow (w/ brown OR sky blue fleece)

and finally, sisters leslie and martha (hi ladies!).  i met them working with the two of them at my second job, and they each have an etsy shop – leslie owns rhetorical printing, where she makes gorgeous stationery.  i’m totally going to use her for my next set of invitations, if i ever throw some kind of legitimate party:

Set of 12 personalized stationery Gwyneth cards apple green with personalized envelopes

and sister martha owns punkinpied, for your next baby gift:

baby cupcake applique onesie

so, wow, i know a lot of talented ladies.  and check out their linked names, those last four are big-time bloggers, too!  now i’m feeling the need to step up and open an etsy shop of my own.  hmmmm….

2 thoughts on “NaBloPoMo Fail, Friends Win

  1. Leslie says:

    thanks for posting, Katie!!!!!!!

  2. Gena Destri says:

    thanks so much for the “blog-spot”! you’re the greatest! happy holidays 🙂

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