Fall? Is This You?

so i’m confused.  fall to me is, as i have previously mentioned, full of cool breezes, warm scarves, hot drinks, snuggly nights, and so on.  so….WTF memphis??  it was seventy-five (75) degrees here yesterday.  i had to spell that out for myself because hi, it was november TENTH yesterday.  NOVEMBER tenth.  where AM I???

but i soldier forth.  for what is fall without baked goods?  and dammit, it will be fall around here whether it likes it or NOT.  so i baked all last night (and i mean all, right up til 11 p.m.).  i made those pumpkin muffins i keep mentioning first, and man they are so, so good.  like, so good.  i just put a smidge of cream cheese frosting in the middle of each one, and it’s perfect.  they’re not overly pumpkin-y, but just enough for flavor (does anyone else think that the pumpkin bread from starbuck’s is pretty much just pumpkin puree molded into the shape of bread?  it’s so heavy and way too moist for me.).

then i made two wayyy overdue birthday cakes for friends.  one was a pound cake, due to the recipient’s love for a prior one i had made from scratch.  i love making pound cake, because i get to use my electric mixer!  i supposed i could use it for box mixes but it seems like a bit of overkill.  i used a box mix for my final cake, a chocolate two-layer with chocolate frosting (and funfetti!).  what is your 26th birthday without funfetti, am i right?

and ok, there was also a whole paragraph right here regarding all my efforts last night to also prepare lunch materials of the healthy variety – veggie wraps, string cheese, whole grain crackers, low fat yogurt, fruit, etc.  it was a great paragraph.  and then it disappeared.  so, pretend you read it and be all impressed that i’m back to eating healthily and trying to fight against my previous daily activities: starbucks in the morning for $5.30 (grande nonfat no water chai with a donut) and panera/el porton/mcdonald’s/wherever for lunch for $5-9.  that’s $300+ per month on junk!!  so here goes another one of my erstwhile well-meaning attempts at self betterment.

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