Day(s) at the Park, by Gibson

hey, i know you’ve heard a lot about me, but i thought i’d introduce myself:

IMG_5050hey!  i’m gibson.  well, gibson wainwright prescott anderdise, but i just usually go by gibb.  my parents sometimes also call me dr. gibbles or mr. gibblesworth, but that’s neither here nor there.  anyway, this weekend it was 75 degrees out, so my mom and pops decided to take me to this amazing park, shelby farms – both days!  this picture of me above is from me in the car on the way there.  i usually am quiet in the car, i keep thinking i might be going to the vet so i try to be good to keep it from happening.

IMG_5053my pops is usually at the wheel.  we spun out to the farm, and i was ready to go!


i was soooooo excited, i got to meet a bison, first thing!  i was positively SCREAMING with the thrill of it.


then, for the first time, i got to play with a crabapple.  it was almost as big as my head, but i didn’t care – it tasted a little good so i was happy to chase it over and over for pops.  when my mom made me leave it behind, i was pretty let down!


i took a quiet moment to look out over the farms before we headed into the woods for some trail time.  it’s a pretty, and pretty BIG place!


i love being in the woods!!  this trail was my favorite – sun dappled, over 70 degrees, and i had on my woods souvenir, a new beat-up blue bandanna.  i think it makes me look a little hipster, and who knows, maybe i’ll get some skinny jeans next?



let’s hit the trails!  through the woods, by some tall grass (which i couldn’t get enough of, what is more fun than running through tall grass with your nose down??  nothing!), leading my mom all the way.


she looked a little tired.  she acted like she felt a little tired.  but she kept on following me, all the way.


dang, it was bright outside, though!  in this picture we’re finally on the way to meet up with my pops at the water fountain.  he took off running on his own so that mom could get in some quality time with me.  i didn’t mind, i love her best anyway….see?:


don’t tell pops.  he has patsy the cat for comfort, anyway.  mom and i look GOOD together!


ok i’ll confess.  i know i looked all bad to the bone walking those miles of trail, but i am BEAT when i’ve done it.  both days this weekend i was a ball of jello afterward.  especially once i hit the backseat…see?


and this was my day, both days this weekend….right now i’m dictating this to my mom while i’m dozing off and on in my bed.  i can’t stay awake to save my life!  my parents high-fived over me just now, talking about how awesome puppy exhaustion is…i have no clue what they’re talking about, but i’ll take more trips to shelby farms any day!

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