so i went awol for a bit, now i’m back.  nothing really pressing or stupendous occurred, just got caught up in the day-to-day and, to be honest, a little overwhelmed with the 2 jobs, 2 pets, a magically re-dirtyfying house, people coming in and out of town, bills, money worries, and all the usual fun stuff that comes with adult life.  just keeping it real.

anyway.  there are things i find myself thankful for this thanksgiving season 2009, and in no particular order they are:

– a boyfriend who loves me even though he doesn’t always get me

– jolly ranchers

– a healthy puppy who loves me like it’s his job

– a healthy cat who is ambivalent toward me like its her job

– donuts

– my Banana Republic skinny jeans on sale for $8, which have allowed me to wear them into the ground

– a sunny day today

– a functional, warm, and oh-so-stylish car

– cozy scarves

– my immediate and extended family and their health

– friends past and present and my upcoming ability to see some

– my genius nephews

– to have the ability, as so many (let’s say 10%) of the country can’t, to work hard to pay my bills and keep a warm roof over my head and food in my pantry

– nailpolish

– chapstick

ok that pretty well covers it.  pioneer woman’s pumpkin muffins (which i just made again) might make it on there, too.  my dad is coming into town tonight for the holiday, and pete’s entire immediate family will be here, so i’m sure this weekend is going to be chaos – signing off for a bit, hopefully to return with pictures!  happy thanksgiving!

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