What I Actually Did This Weekend

out of my list from friday i did all of three of the things listed: cleaned and worked both days, and went to see our friends play at newby’s.  the weekend played out in a strange way, i think mostly due to my weird sleeping and non-sleeping schedule…friday after work i was (for no real reason) so unspeakably tired i just went home and fell asleep on the couch.  i was woken up around 8 by the rev, asking me if i wanted to go with him and our friends to see the meat puppets play at the hi tone.  i waffled but finally dragged myself out of the couch and my serasoft blankies and joined him at the show.

super dark, i know, but that’s the bassist of the meat puppets.  you may be familiar with the band due to their appearance on the infamous mtv unplugged with nirvana.  they’re kind of a big deal.  anyway, it turned out to be an AMAZING show, for several reasons.  for one, the music was excellent and we were right up next to it.  but probably a better thing was the fact that i was repeatedly harassed by a leather-clad hippie with no noticeable odor protection other than patchouli.   he spent the entire night right at my shoulder trying to press forward and get in front of me, which i finally decided was certainly not happening.  ultimately the music got hectic enough that he decided to start moshing, and i was able to share my feelings on his constant presence in my life that night by throwing him to the ground.  i have never been a mosher and usually would have shied away from the whole thing, but i had pretty much had it.  he laughed through the whole thing and was wasted/stoned enough to love it, so i didn’t really do any harm to him and was able to vent my annoyance appropriately.  it sounds kind of ridiculous reading it back, i guess you had to be there…suffice it to say it was incredibly fun and a great show, despite the hippie and beer being spilled down my shirt.

because that was such a late night, i slept til after noon on saturday.  the rev and i then had a horrible afternoon trying to find food, with him miserable due to ear infections, and then i worked for the evening.  again we went out to a show, this time for our friend zach’s band the winslow family band’s show at newby’s on highland:

look, there’s zach (on drums)!  they were awesome, and we hung out there again for another late night.  and again on sunday i slept in, waking up in time to shower the bar smoke out of my hair and go to work.  last night was much more tame, involving dinner at pete’s parents’ house and some grocery shopping.  the whole weekend felt off-kilter, i think because most of it happened in the dark and i was asleep for the other half.  not my typical modus operandi, but it was fun.

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