just a quick post today…i am SO ANNOYED at how often i see blatant, and i mean blatant, grammatical errors in advertising.  spelling, too.  for one, here’s an image on a window of starbucks, a business that happens to be, oh, i don’t know, on EVERY STREET CORNER IN AMERICA and is therefore a business that is spreading bad grammar far and wide:

it should be “I wish every day WERE a holiday.”  wishes and hopes always use “were.”  gahhhhhhhhhhhh.

and then there’s this atrocity, on the cover of the local germantown news (although, to be fair, it seems to me that all news in memphis is related at about a 4th grade reading level):

you have got to be kidding me.  right?  please say yes.  this was on the front cover.  if i were the person placing that ad (and didn’t make the egregious error myself) i would be humiliated and enraged.  and i would send them a document of 900 point font saying “FORECLOSURE” to make sure they’d get it right next time.  i am so sad.  i feel like advertisers and the like have at least some semblance of a duty to double check their spelling and grammar before it goes out, since (unfortunately but not shockingly) a large portion of middle america’s school kids are reading ads way more often than they’re reading their textbooks.  c’mon, people, you have like a jillion dollars (i’m looking at you, starbucks), give me like $500 and i’ll take a quick glance at all your copy for correctiveness.

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